D-STAR QSO PARTY 2013 | Announcement of winnersD-STAR QSO PARTY 2013

Comments from QSO Party Organizers

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2013 D-STAR QSO party.
From the log submissions, comments, and gateway activity seen over this weekend, we saw a lot of operators enjoy the D-STAR QSO Party!

The submitted logs had 15 countries represented. Looking at the logs from the participants, experienced participants increase their QSO's, and 20% of the participants are new to D-STAR, this was their first D-STAR QSO Party.
As the organizer of the D-STAR QSO party, it is great to see an ever increasing participation in the "D-STAR QSO Party". Many said it "was a lot of fun", that they "tried hard to get as many contacts as possible", and that they "look forward to the next QSO party", as representative example of the comments received.

Until the next D-STAR QSO Party, we with you continued enjoyment with D-STAR and 73s until next time.