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Check Out the3D Genuine Icom Label

3D GENUINE Icom label

The hologram label which guarantees the made-in-Japan genuine Icom product has been changed.

3D Genuine Icom Label

New label

The Icom logo turns, and the four corners are colored in orange when you change the horizontal viewing angle.

Conventional label

About the conventional 3D GENUINE Icom Label, check here.

Please Note:
Products with the new label are already put in the market, but products with the conventional label are continued to be sold until products are sold out.

How to distinguish genuine Icom radios from counterfeit (fake) radios

The "3D GENUINE Icom label" is attached to these models: IC-V80/E, IC-U80L, IC-V88,IC-U88, IC-G88, IC-80FX, IC-2300H, IC-2730H, IC-F1000, IC-F2000, IC-M25, IC-M25EURO, IC-M200, IC-M330, IC-718 and more. This label enables you to distinguish genuine Icom products from counterfeit products. If the label is not attached to the product, or the image does not change, the product is probably counterfeit. You should not buy it, or you should exchange it for a radio with the proper label.

PDF Current Model with 3D GENUINE ICOM LABEL

How to find the genuine hologram label

Handheld type
Rear chassis under the battery.
(Remove the battery pack)

Fixed-Mount type
Bottom of the case.
(Flip the radio upside down)

Mobile/base type
Bottom of the front panel.(Flip the radio upside down)

Packing box
The genuine products mentioned above have a "Genuine Label Attaced" indication on their packing box, as shown.

Three types of counterfeit (fake) Icom products

Type 1
Copies of currently produced models
IC-V80(-T), IC-V80E, IC-V88, IC-U88, IC-M200, IC-2300H (-T), IC-718
Purchase only those models with a genuine hologram label.
Type 2
Copies of discontinued models
(No production/inventory)
IC-V8, IC-U80, IC-V85, IC-V82, IC-M304, IC-2200H
Almost all Type 2 products are counterfeit. It has been a long time since the products were discontinued. Purchase the new models, such as the IC-V80 and IC-2300H (with a genuine hologram label).
Type 3
Non-Icom models but with
an Icom logo
Non-Icom model IC-V87, IC-V89, IC-UV91
Type 3 models are 100% counterfeit.

Pay special attention to counterfeit IC-V80, IC-718 (currently produced model) and IC-V82 (discontinued model). Copies of these models are floating in the market.