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  • Interconnects analogue radio to IP phone/analogue phone system
  • RoIP and SIP gateway functions
  • Telephone interconnection with IP phone and PSTN lines
  • Direct dialing from radio user is possible*
    (* Limited to radios with DTMF capability)
  • Interconnects between analogue radio sites over the IP network
  • Site-to-multisite radio communication (IP multicast network required)
  • Mixing audio function
  • Interconnect between IDAS™ dPMR™ Mode 2, analogue radio system and IP Advanced Radio System
  • Cross band, cross category connection
  • Option RC-FS10 software for virtual PC dispatch station
  • Public address system, siren, warning light and external equipment can be connected to the VE-PG3
  • The virtual serial port function for remote control connected radios or equipment from a PC over the IP network
  • IP router function: PPPoE/IPv6 bridge, NAT, dynamic DNS, VPN pass through, IP filter, SNMP and SYSLOG
  • USB flash drive connection for firmware updates and data backup
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