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Digital/analog mixed mode

Digital/analog mixed mode operation
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The digital/analog mixed mode function* allows you to receive both analog mode and NXDN™ conventional mode signals on a single channel, and automatically selects the received mode to reply to a received call. It’s a smart way to grow into digital radio – at your own pace, as your budget and comfort level allow.

Not available for the IC-F3230D, F3210D and F5220D series transceivers.

Individual/group call

The IDAS™ radio allows you to call individual or group users. The radio automatically sends its own ID number when the PTT button is held down. The alias name or individual/group ID is displayed on the LCD* while receiving a message allowing the radio user to identify who is calling.

Not available for the IC-F3210D, F3201DEX and F3101D series (No-LCD) transceivers.

Emergency call functions

When the emergency button is pushed, an emergency signal will be automatically sent to the dispatcher or another radio(s). Other emergency features are a man down feature*and a lone worker function, available for automated emergency calls (in digital and analog modes). A remote radio monitor function allows the dispatcher to turn on the PTT button from a remote location and transmit anything the microphone hears for a preprogrammed time period.

Available for the IC-F3360D, F3261D and F3161D series. Optional UT-124R required for the IC-F3161D series transceivers. Man down function may be built-in, depending on the version of the IC-F3261D series transceivers.

Status message and short data message

Up to 100*1 status conditions can be set and sent with voice call. Also, the status polling call requests the intended radio to send its status. When a status polling call is received, the IDAS™ radio automatically transmits its current status. A short data message of up to 100 characters can be sent and received.*2

When used with the IC-F3360D and F5360D series, up to 207 status conditions are available.
Not available for the IC-F3210D, F3201DEX and F3101D series (No-LCD) transceivers.

Position data transmission capability

When a GPS receiver* is used, the IDAS™ radio can automatically transmit accurate position data at programmed intervals. The position data can be transmitted with a voice call, GPS request status, status call, SDM, call alert, or emergency calls, depending on the programming. The position data may be used with vehicle management applications.

GPS receiver is built-in for the IC-F3360D and some versions of IC-F3261D series transceivers.
Optional GPS microphone is required for the IC-F3161D, F3210D and F3101D series. An external GPS antenna is required for IC-F5360D series. GPS receiver is required for the IC-F5061D, F5220D or F5121D series mobile transceivers. When used with the IC-F3360D and F5360D series, the GPS position data cannot be sent with Short data message or Call alert calls.

Radio Kill, Stun and Revive

The radio Kill function disables a lost or stolen radio over the air, eliminating security threats from undesired listeners. When the radio stun command is received, all functions will be temporary locked out until a revive command is received or the user password is entered.

Digital voice scrambler

When secure communication is required, the IDAS™ system provides a digital voice scrambler using a 15-bit key (about 32,000 codes) as standard. This is added security to the digital modulation / demodulation.

Other features

  • A radio check function allows you to verify if another radio is within communication range*1
  • The Call log displays the received call history*1*2
  • The Call alert function notifies the receiving party that a call is coming with a beep sound and a blinking icon*1
  • A RAN (Radio Access Number) code for digital code squelch
  • Block decode enables the radio to monitor talkgroups that the radio doesn't belong to*1
  • Late entry: IDAS™ radios can decode the received ID and join the conversation, even when turned ON during a call
When used with the IC-F3360D and F5360D series, Radio check, Call log and Block decode functions are not available. The Paging call function is similar to the Call alert function with blinking LED indication.
Not available for the IC-F3210D, F3201DEX and F3101D series (No-LCD) transceivers.

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