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IDAS single-site trunking features

Shares up to 30 channels with a large number of users
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Distributed control channel

The Type-D trunking system uses a distributed logic system that does not use a dedicated control channel. All trunked channels can be used for voice traffic channels to be shared more effectively with a large number of users.

Type-D single-site trunking

The Type-D single-site trunking provides an affordable multi-channel digital radio system. Selective call, group call, status message and short data message can be used over the trunking system.

Up to 30 repeaters in a system

Type-D single-site trunking can have up to 30 repeaters (RF units) per site. All of the connected repeaters can be configured from a web browser through an IP network.

Up to 2,000 IDs

The system has the ability to handle up to 2,000 individual ID codes and 2,000 group ID codes per home channel.

Web browser configuration

All of the UC-FR5000 configurations can be made via a Web browser.

Web browser configuration

Others features

  • Unit ID authentication
  • IC-F3101D, IC-F3210D, IC-F3230D, IC-F3261D, IC-F3161D, IC-F5121D, IC-F5220D and IC-F5061D series can be used as Type-D trunking radios*
  • Area bit setting
  • *
    Type-D single-site trunking only for IC-F3101D and IC-F5121D series transceivers.

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