IDAS™ Takes You To a New Level of "Smart"

Now with the new generation of IDAS, Icom takes you to a new level of “smart”. Not only is the look and total design of the new IDAS series completely new, a plethora of functions and attention to hardware details only Icom can provide, bring you a solution that will not only make you look smart, but work smart too.

The synergy in refinements and enhancements in design, usability and features with the electrical and industrial hardware improvements further the total reliability of the new IDAS series. This reliability ranges from the “zero adjustment”, non-tolerance production quality of every radio made, to a new, stress free user experience that masks the real complexity behind this multi-protocol platform. Icom’s product quality is legendary. Look smart and work smart with the new IDAS series, because using is believing.

New IDAS Features

Small, Slim and Smart
High-Resolution Color LCD
Multiple Languages
License Key Upgrade
NXDN™ Trunking Upgrade
DES/AES Encryption with OTAR
Built-in Bluetooth®
Digital Voice Recording
Motion/Stationary Detection Sensors
Transparent Data/Text Message
ANC (Active Noise Canceling)
Audio Equalizer
GPS Receiver

USB Port for PC Connection
Voice Announcement
Vibration Alert
AquaQuake™ Draining Function