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AIS and VHF Transceiver

AIS & VHS Transceiver

AIS (Automatic Identification System) receives real-time vessel traffic information broadcasted by other AIS equipped vessels. Using the optional MA-500TR or MXA-5000, the AIS data can be overlaid on the plotter and radar screen.

DSC call (VHF transceiver required)

The MarineCommander has the capability to be connected to compatible Icom VHF transceivers. Various types of DSC calls, including individual, group, all ship, position and polling request*, can be initiated from the MarineCommander. Received DSC messages and position information can be shown on the plotter display.

*DSC call types available are dependant on VHF transceiver capability.

  • System Overview
  • Multi-function Display
  • Dual MFD
  • Slim and Waterproof
  • Dyalight Viewable MFD
  • Simple operation
  • USB flash drive connection
  • C-MAP MAX compatible
  • Other Features
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