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Other Features

Other Features

Engine Monitoring

When connected to engine/environment/positioning sensors with an NMEA 2000 interface, the MarineCommander shows current data on a virtual engine meter. This data can also be shown on the status-bar or data-bar according to your setting.

Video Camera Monitoring

The MarineCommander has four video input ports with RCA connectors for connecting up to 4 surveillance video cameras (NTSC or PAL format) and allows you to monitor surroundings and crew members on the MarineCommander display.

Other Features

• The external display connector (analog RGB) allows you to output to an external display
• Multiple language display (English/French/Spanish)
• External NMEA2000 Connection (Engine, Fuel, Engine Temperature, Wind, GPS, Compass, STW)
• Memo function allows you to store a comment with picture data* and position information.

*To show picture data, the picture data must be stored in the connected USB flash drive.

  • System Overview
  • Multi-function Display
  • Dual MFD
  • Slim and Waterproof
  • Dyalight Viewable MFD
  • Simple operation
  • USB flash drive connection
  • C-MAP MAX compatible
  • Other Features
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