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Icom releases the HF+50MHz transceiver IC-7600.


Icom proudly announces the debut of the HF+50MHz transceiver IC-7600. Though the IC-7600 is the successor of the IC-756PRO3*, it has been enhanced with some of the main features of our flagship models IC-7700/7800 which are highly regarded by ham operators worldwide.

Most remarkably, the IC-7600 realizes the same level of receiver performance as the IC-7700/7800, our top-of-the-line transceivers. Its three first IF roofing filters (3kHz, 6kHz and 15kHz) allows you to pull out a weak signal while blocking strong adjacent signals. The double super-heterodyne receiving system has improved the in-band IMD (Inter Modulation Distortion) significantly over the IC-756PRO3. In addition, the performance of the spectrum scope is first class thanks to the specially dedicated DSP.

Over and above the excellent receiver performance, the IC-7600 has many more features such as a 5.8 inch wide color TFT LCD, 2 USB external control ports, dual watch capability, and PSK31 mode for TX/RX.

The IC-7600 is the model which will surely satisfy ardent ham operators with its improved digital technology, software, receiver performance, functionality and user-friendliness.

<Main Features>
  • Same class DSP chips as used in the IC-7700/7800 (two 32-bit floating point units) 
  • Three “high specification” 1st IF roofing filters (3k, 6k, 15k)
  • Improved in-band IMD performance
  • Similar level spectrum scope as used in the IC-7700/7800
  • 5.8inch wide TFT LCD display with industry best class wide viewing angle

*IC-7600 is a model which slots in under the IC-7700/7800 (the top-of-the-line model) and above the IC-7000/7200 (the entry model)