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New Products IC-80AD & ID-880H Series (European versions: IC-E80D & ID-E880): Entry Class Switchable VHF/UHF Dual Band D-STAR Transceivers

IC-80AD / ID-880H

Icom proudly announces the debut of the IC-80AD and ID-880H series, entry class D-STAR compatible transceivers. The IC-80AD and ID-880H allow easy operation and are the ideal starter radios for D-STAR digital voice communications for novice amateur users and D-STAR operators. A new user interface feature called D-STAR repeater mode (DR mode) has simplified the repeater setting. Enjoy and experience the D-STAR world with ease.

Further user-friendliness has been implemented for the IC-80AD and ID-880H. They have the same setup procedure and are able to share the memory data with each other via the cloning software1.

IC-80AD (IC-E80D)

Optional GPS microphone, HM-189GPS is available for position reporting applications. The radio is ideal for outdoor use with splash and water jet resistance equivalent to IPX4 and a long operating time (6 hours2) with 5W RF output power. It also has a wideband receiver for the range 495kHz-999.990MHz3.

ID-880H (ID-E880)

Large and easy-to-see display in a compact body. The controller is detachable from the main unit and the magnet-mounting feature allows for flexible installation. The radio also gives you comfortable operation with powerful RF output, 50W in both VHF and UHF, high speed scanning and the latest in noise filter technology.

Main Features

  • D-STAR DV(Digital Voice) mode standard
  • External GPS connection ready4
  • DPRS(R) (Digital Position Reporting System) ready
  • Wideband receiver3
  • Splash and water jet resistance equivalent to IPX4 (IC-80AD/E80D)


1.Optional cloning cable is necessary.
2.TX: RX: Standby=1:1:8 with BP-217 (Li-Ion battery pack supplied with ID-80AD/E80D)
3.Receiver coverage range varies depending on version.
4.For the IC-80AD/E80D, optional GPS microphone HM-189GPS is available. For the ID-800H/E880, a third party GPS receiver is necessary.