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Important Notice

Important Notice

08 July, 2011

Alert for Unauthorized Icom Trademark Use Products

In the past we have provided information about counterfeit Icom products in the market. While efforts to find and eradicate the source of these fake products continue, we have discovered new counterfeit products that are using our trademark without permission or the existence of products/model name not in our product range.

We reiterate that these counterfeit products are illegally using the “ICOM” trademark. These products can be distinguished from the model name and design. Please take care not to purchase such counterfeit products.

The use of counterfeit products can be the cause of technical and regulatory compliance issues such as radio interference, and in extreme cases safety trouble such as explosion of counterfeit battery packs.

Please be advised that Icom is not responsible for, and shall not be liable for any trouble resulting from the use of counterfeit products. We are also not obligated to provide any technical support of counterfeit products.
Icom will continue to take measures to eliminate counterfeit products as much as possible, but not purchasing such products is also a big step in their elimination.

We would also appreciate any information on the source or importation of counterfeit Icom products to either your local authorized Icom Distributor, or to our ICOM world support center.

Thank you for your continuous support of Icom and our products.

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New Kind of Counterfeit Icom Products.