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zoombrochure (PDF)Manual (PDF)




Frequency coverage USA Version
Transmit: 144–148, 430–450 MHz
Receiver: 118–174, 230–550*1 MHz

EXP Version
Transmit: 137–174, 400–470*2 MHz
Receiver: 118–174, 230–550*2 MHz
Type of emission F2D, F3E, F7W
Mode DV, FM, FM-N,
AM (RX only), AM-N (RX only)
Operating temperature range −10°C to +60°C;
+14°F to +140°F
Frequency stability ±2.5ppm
(−10°C to +60°C on the basis of 25°C)
Antenna impedance 50Ω (SO-239)
Number of memory channels 1000 regular channels,
4 call channels,
50 program scan edges,
1500 repeater memories
and 300 GPS memories
Power supply requirements 13.8V DC ±15%
Current drain (approximate) TX 13.0A
RX 1.2A/0.9A (Max.audio/Stand-by)
Projections are not included)
Main unit + Controller 150×40×171.9 mm;
5.9×1.6×6.8 in
Controller 122×40×29.9 mm;
4.8×1.6×1.2 in
Weight (approximate) Main unit 1.1kg; 2.4 lb
Controller 100g; 3.5 oz
Guaranteed range:
*1 144–148, 430–450MHz.
*2 144–148, 430–440MHz




Output power (at 13.8V DC) 50W, 15W, 5W (Hi, Mid, Low)
Max. frequency deviation ±5.0kHz/±2.5kHz (W/N)
Spurious emissions Less than −60dBc
Microphone impedance 600Ω (8-pin modular)




Intermediate frequencies 46.35MHz/450kHz (1st/2nd)
Sensitivity FM/FM-N Less than 0.18μV
(amateur bands at 12dB SINAD)
DV Less than 0.22μV
(at 1% BER)
Squelch sensitivity Less than 0.13μV
Selectivity FM/FM-N More than 60dB/55dB
DV More than 50dB
Spurious and image rejections More than 60dB
Audio output power More than 2.0W
(10% distortion, 8Ω load)
External speaker connector 2 condcutor 3.5 (d) mm (1/8″)/8Ω
Receiver sensitivity
(Except amateur bands.)
(12dB SINAD)
137–159.995MHz Less than 0.32μV
160–174.000MHz Less than 0.32μV
230–259.995MHz Less than 1.8μV
260–321.995MHz Less than 0.56μV
322–374.995MHz Less than 0.56μV
375–399.995MHz Less than 0.56μV
400–499.995MHz Less than 0.32μV
500–550.000MHz Less than 0.56μV
(10dB S/N)
118–136.991MHz Less than 1.0μV
230–259.995MHz* Less than 5.6μV
260–321.995MHz* Less than 1.8μV
322–374.995MHz* Less than 1.8μV
* Only AM mode.

All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.