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IDAS™ Multiple-site Configuration

NXDN™/dPMR™ Protocol Choice

The IDAS digital radio system has two protocol choices, NXDN and dPMR. Both protocols are open digital radio standards using 6.25 kHz FDMA narrowband technology. With this flexible choice, the IDAS radio system allows for interoperability with other manufactures equipment for seamless supply/replacement of existing NXDN and/or dPMR systems. And naturally these FDMA based protocols are a perfect match, when migrating an analog system to digital.

System Scalability According to Communication Traffi c and Coverage

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Depending on communication traffic and coverage, the IDAS radio system can be grown from single site conventional to multi-site trunking to match your communication needs.

Type-C trunking

Type-D trunking

Mode 3 trunking

Telephone Interconnection

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With a VE-PG4 RoIP gateway, the IDAS conventional, Type-D multi-site trunking and Mode 3 trunking* system can interconnect with an IP phone, LTE transceiver, wireless LAN transceiver and analog radios as well as NXDN and dPMR protocols. A radio user can initiate phone/radio calls to talk with other users using a different protocol (for example; IP radio) between different systems.
* Mode 3 trunking will be available in the future.

Remote Communicator Software

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The RC-FS10 Remote Communicator software creates a virtual radio/simple dispatcher on a Windows®-based PC. It enables you to remotely access IDAS repeaters using an IP network and communicate with IDAS radios or monitor radio communications even from outside of the radio coverage area. You can customize the RCFS10 screen interface for more efficient use.

• RC-FS10 is available with IDAS conventional and Type-D multi-site trunking system.

Mixed Mode Operation (Conventional)

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The IDAS radio can receive both analog and digital conventional mode signals on a channel and can reply according to the received mode. The IDAS system allows you to migrate analog systems to narrow band digital at your own pace and need, while running your existing analog system. It is a cost efficient way to obtain the latest digital two-way radio technology, while protecting your current system investment.