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Easily Reconfigure Radios with Over-the-Air Programming

Remotely reconfigure radios while in the field with the CS-OTPM1 OTAP (Over-The-Air-Programming) Manager. The system operator can edit channels, call lists, status message lists and more, without the need to return the radios to the base station.

Transmit only the changed data

Radios can reconfigure in a short period of time by transmitting only the updates.

Single programming data can transmit to a whole fleet with only one click

Up to 10,000 sessions are logged for review and rescheduling

Both original and new data can be kept in the radios until the OTAP process is completed

Define the radio update schedule

  • Auto Restart: After the new data is received, radios will automatically restart and reconfigure.
  • Next Power-up: After restarting the radios, they will reconfigure.
  • Reactivation Key: Pressing the emergency key while restarting will reconfigure the radios.
  • Specified Time: You can specify a time to reconfigure the radios.

System operator can change language setting of CS-OTPM1

Manages up to 100,000 radios

User-friendly interface

Icons clearly show status of radios. Character size is selectable from small, regular and large (photo shows large size).