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Remote System Manager Software
for IDAS™ NXDN™ Multi-Site Trunking System

network imageThe RS-MGR1 system manager software allows you to obtain air time information, network connectivity/statistics and hardware status of the IDAS multi-site trunking repeater sites using syslog messages. The RS-MGR1 stores received syslog messages and reports and analyzes them to assist in system administration and troubleshooting.


  • Repeater properties show condition summary, system information, interface (traffic statistics), repeater condition details (TX/RX PLL unlock, power supply voltage, internal temperature and fan status) and ping status of each repeater
  • Registration log, communication log, traffic log and search log can be filtered by date, user ID, call type and site code*
  • E-mail alert notification can be sent to the administrator, if an alarm or disconnect occurs or clears
  • The “Mesh ping status” shows the connectivity by sending ping commands in all combinations of repeater sites
  • The “Version list” shows the repeaters firmware revision listThe “Map window” shows repeater site icons laid out on a image file such as a map or network diagram
  • USB flash drive containing the software and for the hardware key protection
  • SR-VPN1 VPN router can be monitored on the RS-MGR1 by syslog

* Filter items differ from log types

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