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Enhance System Management for dPMR™ Mode 3 System

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System Map (Click for larger image)
The RS-MGR2 is a system management software tool for monitoring the operating status of dPMR Mode 3 trunking sites. Install the software in a server PC and client users can be accessed through a WEB browser. The RS-MGR2 provides real-time monitoring, system alerts and log search functions for the dPMR Mode 3 system.

General Features

  • Multi-Client: The RS-MGR2 allows creating up to 20 user accounts and giving three types of access rights to each user account.

  • Multi-lingual Setting: By creating a translation table, menu items can be customized to be shown in localized language. The language is selectable by user account.

  • E-mail Alert: The user can select error factors beforehand, and an e-mail alert can be sent to the user if any of the error factors occur or clears.

  • Map Function (Click for larger image)
    Map Function: Repeater site icons laid out on an image file such as a map or network diagram for monitoring real-time channel activity in each site. If an error or disconnect occurs, the repeater icon flashes in red as a notification.

Real-time Monitoring

  • Repeater View(Click for larger image)
    Repeater View: The Repeater View shows the channel status (running, error or offline), transmitting or receiving status with RSSI, callers ID in progress, frequency and IP address settings.

  • Repeater Status(Click for larger image)
    Repeater Status: The Repeater Status shows internal conditions of each repeater channel including voltage, temperature, PLL unlock, transmitting power and other repeater health information.

  • Repeater Condition: The Repeater Condition shows a record of alerts on a repeater channel.

  • Activity Screen: The Activity screen shows current alert conditions in the system.

  • System Connection: The System Connection shows the network connection status with the repeater site or other CS-FC5000SCS.

Log Functions

    Registration Log, Communication Log, Traffic Log and Search Log can be searched and downloaded with extensive filter settings. The collected log data can be downloaded in CSV format with a ZIP archive.

  • Registration Log: Shows the Registration Log of an individual unit.

  • Repeater Status(Click for larger image)
    Communication Log: Shows the call time log with call type.

  • Repeater Status(Click for larger image)
    Traffic Log: Shows the duty factor (total Tx time period as a percentage of the time) of each repeater site in a graphic chart.

  • Auto Log Archive Function: The log data can be compressed for saving disk space by setting the expiry date from 1 month to 12 months.