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Virtual Radio/Dispatch Software for an IDAS™ NXDN™
Multi-Site Trunking & Conventional System

The RC-FS10 Remote Communicator creates a virtual radio/simple dispatcher on a Windows®-based PC. It allows you to remote access IDAS NXDN repeaters via an IP network and communicate with IDAS NXDN radio terminals even from outside of the radio coverage area.

The RC-FS10 can be used not only for an IDAS NXDN trunking system, but also an IDAS NXDN conventional system*.

* To use the RC-FS10 in an IDAS trunking system, either the UC-FR5000 #03 (for trunking system) or the UC-FR5000 #02 (for conventional system) is required to be installed in the IC-FR5000/FR6000 repeater.

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