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The IP communication terminal is a flexible communication tool that utilizes IP networks and wireless LANs already deployed.
|Confirming stocks at affiliated shops on the spot|Make a short communication with other staff|Use both conventional radio system and telephone system as the situation demands|
Group Communication
The IP communication terminal can communicate with groups and all members in the system, as well as with an individual.
Dispersed Sites Connection
Dispersed sites can be connected over an IP network (VPN), for example, stores and headquarter office sites. The IP communication terminal users can talk with other terminal users and/or an IP phone system without a call charge.
IP100FS Remote Communicator
When the IP100FS remote communicator is installed in a Windows PC, the IP100FS allows you to communicate with IP communication terminals and send Short Data Messages. The IP100FS can obtain location information of each IP communication terminal based on the access point being used.
Remote Monitor
The IP100FS can let the IP100H communication terminals transmit anything the microphone hears to identify what is occurring near the IP100H user.
Public Address System Connection
In combination with a VE-PG3 RoIP Gateway, the IP advanced radio system can be connected to a public address system.