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Cover large expanses effortlessly for increased productivity.
|It's a pain to come and go to access a fixed land-line telephone.|  There is a blind spot where
the conventional radio system cannot reach.|Use both conventional radio system and telephone system as the situation demands.|
Expand Communication Range and Wireless LAN Roaming
Deploying wireless access points over an IP network can expand the range. The IP communication terminal can access the nearest access point and can roam between access points.
IP100FS Remote Communicator
When the IP100FS remote communicator is installed in a Windows PC, the IP100FS allows you to provide instructions to IP communication terminal users. The IP100FS can obtain location information of each IP communication terminal based on the access point being used.
Full - duplex Communication
The IP communication terminals can talk and listen at the same time like a telephone*. In combination with a VE-PG3 RoIP Gateway, the terminals can interconnect and communicate with an IP phone system.
* Either the HM-153LS, HM-166LS, HS-102 with OPC-2359 or HS-85 with OPC-2144 is required.
Dispersed Sites Connection
Dispersed sites can be connected over an IP network (VPN), for example, warehouses and business office sites.
Public Address System Connection
In combination with a VE-PG3 RoIP Gateway, the IP advanced radio system can be connected to a public address system.