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Model name ID-4100A
Download Type Firmware
Version Version 1.04
Update 2019/12/13

Changes from Version 1.03

  • Fixed the problem where the call-ending frame may not be sent when transmitting the D-PRS DV-A or NMEA DV-G position data in the DV mode using Version 1.02 or Version 1.03 firmware.

Version 1.04 fixes the following problems.

  • The call-ending frame was not sent after releasing PTT. This caused a delay in sounding the standby beep from the receiving transceiver.
  • The repeater does not stop transmitting the downlink soon after the transceiver finishes transmitting the uplink.

To update the firmware

  • Thoroughly read 13. UPDATING THE FIRMWARE of the ADVANCED MANUAL and follow the instructions in it.
  • Making a backup file of programmed contents and settings before updating the firmware is recommended.

  • The firmware will be updated to the following versions.
    CPU M: 1.04
    S: 1.00
    C: 1.01
    DSP: 1.02
File Type ZIP
File Size 1.02MB
Manual ID-4100A, ID-4100E

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