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Icom Inc. Releases the QR Code Genuineness Determination System


Icom Inc. (Headquaters: Hirano, Osaka, Japan/President: Masataka Harima) has introduced the “QR Code Genuineness Determination System” that is Icom’s second countermeasure against counterfeit products.

Icom has been taking measures to combat counterfeit products, and repeatedly improving its “3D GENUINE Icom Label.” Increasing counterfeit products have been a serious issue, which threatens the products’ safety, and does damage to the company’s reliability and brand image.

This new QR Code Genuineness Determination System enables anyone to easily identify whether an Icom product is genuine or not, by reading a QR code on a product with a smart device. The combination of two countermeasures would enhance Icom’s reliability and fight with those who fabricate Icom products. These advanced Icom countermeasures surely provide security.

The first model “QR Code Genuineness Determination System” is introduced on will be the IC-V86. Icom will thereafter apply this system to future products.

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QR Code is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED in Japan and in other countries.