2018 News

14 Dec, 2018  News Release

Icom Inc. Releases IC-9700, Supreme VHF/UHF Base Station Amateur Transceiver, including the 1200 MHz Band

20 Nov, 2018  Topics

LTE Transceiver IP501H Case Study: Japan Airlines at Narita International Airport

08 Nov, 2018  News Release

Icom Inc. Announces Partnership with Iridium Communications Inc. to Develop a New Push-To-Talk Radio Communication Solution over Satellite

16 Oct, 2018  Product News

IC-M220G/IC-M220, High Quality, Excellent Performance.

16 Oct, 2018  Product News

IC-M506GE, Fixed Mount VHF and GPS/AIS Receiver Combo with NMEA 2000™ Connectivity.

11 Oct, 2018  Product News

RS-R30A, IC-R30 Remote Control App for Android™ is released. Download free from the Google Play™.

18 Sep, 2018  Product News

RS-R30A / RS-R30I, Enhance Your D-STAR Experience with iOS™/Android™ Apps

03 Sep, 2018  Information

Report of Ham Fair 2018 in Tokyo, and new product information download

30 Aug, 2018  Product News

RS-BA1, Further Advanced Dualwatch Remote Control Software

30 Jul, 2018  Information

IC-7610 Technical Report Volume 3 released.

31 May, 2018  Information

IC-7610 Technical Report Volume 2 released.

27 Apr, 2018  Product News

IC-R30, Digital and Analog Wideband Communications Receiver with Dualwatch and Dual Band Recording Functions

09 Apr, 2018  Product News

IC-G88, 1500 mW Powerful Audio, Waterproof and User-Friendly Operation to Match Various Needs.

04 Apr, 2018  Product News

GM800, Reliable Performance for MF/HF Long Distance Communication

29 Mar, 2018  Product News

IC-F29DR2, Digital Licence-Free Comms with Professional Level Durability.
32 Digital Channels and 16 Analogue Channels.

21 Feb, 2018  Product News

SP-41, Best Design Match for the IC-7610
7 W High Quality Sound Speaker with Two Input Lines

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