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Enhance Your D-STAR Experience with iOS™ App

The RS-MS1I (for iOS™ devices) lets your D-STAR transceiver wirelessly connect to a D-STAR transceiver and remotely set the DR functions, link with a map app and send/receive messages in the DV mode. In addition, pictures on an iOS™ device can be transmitted in the DV Fast Data mode or DV mode.

Share Pictures

DR Mode example
Share Pictures Example
You can take pictures with your iOS™ device, or use stored pictures, and share them. Pictures of your shack, operating place in the field, rigs, or friends can be sent to other D-STAR transceivers that are also using the app.
Add images and make QSOs even more enjoyable.
Pictures can be sent in the DV Fast Data mode or conventional DV mode (with voice).

Text Messaging

DR Mode example
Text Messaging Example
Text messaging enables you to chat with other D-STAR users that are using the app. Use the function when texiting is better than exchanging information over voice. By using iOS™ device, you can exchange messages in your preferred language.

DR Functions and Remote Setting

DR Mode example
DR Mode example
You can set the transceiver’s “FROM” and “TO” fields and change some of the transceiver’s function settings from your iOS™ device. When using with the optional VS-3 Bluetooth® headset, you can wirelessly talk through the ID-4100A/E from a short distance* away from your rig.

* Communication range of Bluetooth® is approximately 10 meters (33 feet).

D-STAR Stations and Repeater Sites Mapping

DR Mode example
Repeater Map Example
©2017 Google - Map data
©2017 ZENRIN, Google
See the location of other stations or repeater sites on a map using received position data. The transceiver’s “FROM” and “TO” can be automatically set by tapping a repeater site or a D-PRS station on the map.

Repeater List Viewer

You can see detailed repeater information, including frequencies, call signs and frequency offsets in the Repeater list.
You can use it to manually set your transceiver when you are in a different area from your usual operating environment.

Call Sign List

The app enables you to edit call signs and names used in the DR function. Also, you can add a call sign and a name in the Call sign list at any time.

Receive History

In the DV mode, you can read and edit the received station’s information. Additional information from an Internet database, such as QRZ.com or APRS.fi, can be downloaded.

Import and Export*

You can import a user-programmable repeater list or a repeater list, on the Internet, from a PC to the app. In addition, receive history can be exported from the app to a PC.

* iTunes is required.

Function Comparison Chart

Transceivers ID-4100A/E
Required Option UT-137
Bluetooth® UNIT
DV Fast Data Mode
DR Function
Share Pictures
Text Messaging
Offline Map
RX History
Your Call Sign
Repeater List
Transceiver Setting
App Setting
USB Connection
Bluetooth® Connection

✓ : Function available. N/A : Function Not available.

*1 When sending or receiving pictures using “DV Fast Data Mode,” the headset audio will be temporarily interrupted because of the transceiver’s Bluetooth® unit limitations.

*2 iTunes is required.

All stated features, appearances, screen shots, and specifications may be subject to change without notice.