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Model name IC-9100
Download Type Firmware
Version Release E2
Update 2013/08/01


  1. Fixed an audio problem when switching the band while receiving in the FM mode.
  2. Fixed a DTCS and tone squelch decoding problem when receiving in the 9600bps mode.
  3. Fixed a improper S-meter indication problem when the mode is changed while receiving.

  • A USB cable is required. (A-B type, purchase separately) The firmware is updated through the USB port on the rear panel of the IC-9100.
  • The USB driver must be installed before connecting the USB cable between the IC-9100 and to the PC.
  • Save the setting data using the optional CS-9100 cloning software before starting the firmware update.
  • Please read "Firmware update instructions" (0.98MB) thoroughly and make sure what is required for the firmware update.
  • Never turn OFF the transceiver power or disconnect the USB cable while the update is being performed.
  • Never connect anything, not even a cable, to the REMOTE jack, otherwise the firmware update may fail.
  • If you connect two or more IC-9100s to the PC, turn the power ON for only the one that you want to update as the update tool works on only one transceiver at a time.
File Type ZIP
File Size 1.19MB
Manual IC-9100

Regarding this Download Service.

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