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D-STAR Gateway Software

Model name RS-RP2C
Download Type Software
Version Ver.2.1 USA version
Update 2008/08/12
Note Major improvements since Ver 2.0
  • User data synchronization system has been improved.
  • User movement across areas/zones are now immediately reflected in the database so that users can resume communications with no waiting time.

How to update the installed Ver2.0 Gateway Software:
  • Download the DstarPatch2.1.tar.gz file to a temporary directory such as /tmp.
  • Extract all the files contained in the file ("tar zxvf DstarPatch2.1.tar.gz")
  • Move to the "patch2.1"directory ("cd patch2.1")
  • Run the included shell script to update the files ("sh")
File Type GZ
File Size 1.15MB
Manual RS-RP2C

Regarding this Download Service.

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