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Model name IC-7800
Download Type Firmware
Version Ver.2.20
Update 2009/05/19

Major points of the Ver.2.20 update.

  1. Adds the ability to send TX memory contents, while operating in either the RTTY mode, or the PSK31 mode, pushing one of the 4 keys on an external keypad. (More details of the external keypad are described on page 2-6 of IC-7800 instruction manual.)
  2. Adds the ability to send VOICE memory, in the SSB mode, or CW memory keyer contents, in the CW mode, by pushing one of the F1 – F4 keys on an external USB keyboard.
  3. Enables the operator to program custom band-edge frequencies. You can also hear a beep when tuning out of, or into the programmed Amateur band. The operator can now limit transmitting outside the programmed frequency band.
  4. The transmit capability on the 7MHz band has been extended from 7.0-7.1MHz to 7.0-7.2MHz. The RX frequency range has also been extended. (The modification applies to only Italian version.)
  • Please save the transceiver’s data contents to a CF card before starting the firmware update.
  • Never cut off power to the transceiver while updating the firmware.
  • Please read through Section 16 (UPDATING THE FIRMWARE) in the IC-7800 instruction manual, before downloading the new firmware.
  • Please also download Firmware update utility VER.1.0 ZIP(256KB) when updating the firmware using a LAN.
File Type ZIP
File Size 3.84MB
Manual IC-7800

Regarding this Download Service.

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