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Model name ID-5100A
Download Type Firmware
Version Release E3
Update 2015/05/22


  1. The number of repeater lists, Your Call Sign and GPS memory has been increased.
    - Repeater list: from 1200 (30 groups) to 1500 (50 groups)
    - Your Call Sign: from 200 to 300
    - GPS memory: from 200 to 300
  2. Auto Dimmer condition settings are added to keep or cancel the function.
    - An item is added to allow you to increase or not increase the LCD backlight level when you push the PTT button.
    - An item is added to allow you to increase or not increase the LCD backlight level when you receive a DV signal in the DV mode.
  3. Bluetooth® headset functions are added to select the desired [PTT] and microphone combination when the Bluetooth® headset is used.
    - An option is added to transmit audio on the connected microphone by pushing the [PTT] on the Bluetooth® headset.
    - An option is added to transmit audio on a Bluetooth® headset by pushing the [PTT] on the connected microphone.
  4. An option is added in the Tone function to select different tones separately in transmission and reception such as CTCSS, DTCS, tone frequency and code.
  5. An item is added to change the backlight brightness level according to the time setting.
  6. An item is added to mute the received audio on the SUB band when transmitting.
  7. An item is added to continuously display the power source voltage.
  8. The cooling fan control has been optimized.
  9. The previously selected Quick Menu screen item is displayed, even if the transceiver is turned OFF and then ON.
  10. A scan pauses when a short DV signal (Kerchunk) is received during the DV mode scan (Including the DR scan).
  11. The ID-5100 now displays the changed [TO] and [FROM] data on the DR screen when using the RS-MS1A.

Refer to ID-5100A/ID-5100E Firmware update information— Release E3 for details.

    • To set the added features in Release E3, use CS-5100 Revision 1.20. Download the software here.
    • An OPC-2350LU, OPC-1529R or OPC-2218LU is required to install the firmware update. To use the OPC-2218LU for the first time, a USB driver is required. Download the driver here.
    • Before downloading, thoroughly read " Firmware update instructions (here)" to know what the update requires.
    • CAUTION: You MUST first save your transceiver's data onto an SD card or to your PC using the CS-5100 cloning software. ALL the transceiver’s data will be erased during the update.
    • Never turn OFF the equipment power or disconnect the data communication cable during the update.
    • You must update both the controller (front panel) and the transceiver at the same time.
    • The following firmware have been updated:
       ・CPU M to Version 1.20
       ・CPU C to Version 1.20
       ・DSP to Version 1.11
    • If you update from Release E2 or earlier, you cannot downgrade to Release E2 or earlier again.
    • This firmware updates to the latest firmware version. If you update from an earlier version, review all previous update information as well for additional feature details. Download the information here.
File Type ZIP
File Size 1.80MB
Manual IC-5100A/ID-5100E

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